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February 2020

Asia Quarterly Bulletin - Winter 2020

Columbia Threadneedle Investments


In this issue we explore the following:

  • Asia’s exceptionally high-yielding bond markets
  • Anticipating a moderate re-rating
  • Why investing with “purpose” makes sense
  • Why the 21st century belongs to Asian investors
  • Ten European surprises for Asian investors
  • Strategies that benefit from volatility
  • Indian economy: problems pile up for Narendra Modi

January 2020

Asset Allocation Update

Maya Bhandari

Portfolio Manager, Multi-asset

Why add to (UK) equities?

What a difference a year makes. After a bruising 2018, last year allowed investors to capture the second-best return on a blend of global equities and long-dated bonds in 30 years. For stocks it was also a year of record multiple expansion, trounced on only one occasion since the late 1980s – in 2009, when markets were recovering from the crushing financial crisis. Ergo: in 2020, earnings will need to “grow in” to prices for the rally to have “legs”.