Global investment solutions

Outsourced CIO

Key service components

Columbia Threadneedle has acted as an outsourced investment partner for many years, particularly where our insurance heritage is concerned. The key components include:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation. We leverage our Capital Market Assumptions (CMAs) and modelling capabilities to determine the right mix of asset classes and/or products to meet a client’s investment objectives. This often involves asset-liability modelling
  • Tactical Asset Allocation. By giving us a degree of flexibility to deviate from the Strategic Asset Allocation, clients enable us to seek additional return by varying asset weights according to market circumstances
  • Open architecture portfolio construction. We allocate to a range of internal and third-party managers, ensuring that each component of the portfolio is suited to client needs
  • Investment research. We act as a sounding board and research function for clients as they explore new investment ideas or brainstorm potential portfolio designs.