September 2020

Coronavirus: what now for economies and markets?

Paul Doyle

Head of Europe ex-UK Equities

It’s been a tumultuous time for investors everywhere. Momentum is the key when looking at future prospects for stock markets and employment prospects across the continent

September 2020

Q&A: Germany set to shine spotlight on supply chains

Andrea Carzana

Portfolio Manager – European Equities

The country is poised to increase scrutiny on human rights and eco standards within business. As investors, the investigation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks form an essential component of our bottom-up investment analysis

September 2020

Implications of the global debt explosion

Tammie Tang & Paul Smillie

Portfolio Manager & Senior Investment Analyst, Fixed Income

Global debt was at an unprecedented level before Covid-19. With the subsequent policy response injecting liquidity into most parts of the world economy, the debt predicament is set for a worse path. We explore the implications for sovereigns, financials and corporates, particularly from the perspective of credit investors

September 2020

Pandemic poised to accelerate underlying trends

Francis Ellison

Client Portfolio Manager

We now have a two-speed economy, and much talk about a disconnect between stock market and economy. But this won’t change our research and stock picking focus

September 2020

Welcome to a new high yield universe

Angelina Chueh

Senior Client Portfolio Manager

The prevalence of ‘fallen angels’ has changed the composition of the European HY market. So how might we go about navigating it?

September 2020

Asset Allocation Update

Maya Bhandari

Portfolio Manager

Leaning selectively against the wind

Most asset market returns can be distilled down to two basic elements: movements in cash flows and discount rates. In the past month or so, for risky assets such as equities, each has moved in a broadly friendly direction. Expectations around earnings, which are the dominant source of cash flows for equity investors, bottomed for global stocks in mid-May, and as the earnings season progressed, so did analyst optimism on the path of future earnings. Notwithstanding the savage fall in delivered earnings in the second quarter, future expected earnings for the MSCI All Country World Index have moved such that by the end of next year, earnings are now expected to be a whisker above where they were last December.

September 2020

Meanwhile… back in the range.


In Credit - Weekly Snapshot

Our fixed income team provide their weekly snapshot of market events.

4 September 2020

Exploring the equitisation of the Brazilian stock market

Dara White

Global Head of Emerging Market Equities

All-time low interest rates in Brazil are driving savings into equities, while deregulation and faster technological adoption are creating high growth opportunities for stock pickers

September 2020

Global Sustainable Oucomes Q2 2020

Pauline Grange & Jess Williams

Portfolio Manager, Global Equities & Portfolio Analyst, Responsible Investment

This issue looks at the increasing importance of 'social' in ESG investing; how some countries are targeting a 'green recovery' from Covid-19; and a look at the sustainable impact highlights of some of our stocks

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