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Real Assets

Columbia Threadneedle has extensive experience investing in real assets

Drawing upon our extensive market knowledge and long-standing credibility with sellers, investors and lenders alike, we offer true alignment between strategy objectives, the long-term nature of the assets and the long-term income requirements of our investors.

Our distinctive and specialist capabilities in UK Real Estate and US Real Estate are outlined further below:

UK Real Estate

With over 25 years’ experience and managing close to £8bn* in AUM, our UK Real Estate team includes dedicated investment, asset management, property management oversight and risk/governance experts working closely together to maximise performance from our portfolios.

Our UK Real Estate team is active in all market conditions across the full risk/return spectrum. This gives us visibility on the whole market, with a network of advisers covering all disciplines and locations providing a unique insight into occupational demand patterns, enabling us to track rental trends and identify value.

* As at 30 June 2021

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US Real Estate

Lionstone Investments uses a proprietary data-driven approach to understand the evolution of U.S. cities and neighborhoods, and to target the real estate that is most desired by highly productive people. Since its founding in 2001, Lionstone has been dedicated to using rigorous data analysis, in concert with its collective real estate experience and judgment, to generate superior investment performance. Differentiated in 2001 from other real estate firms by its focus on data-driven decision making, Lionstone continued to innovate and maintained this differentiation through multiple cycles over the last two decades. Lionstone’s competitive advantage comes from augmenting human judgement and experience with machine-generated insights, and creating fast, actionable analyses for investment decisions.
In November 2017, Columbia Threadneedle Investments acquired Lionstone to provide its clients unique access to the US private real estate markets. In addition to each firm’s shared fiduciary culture, synergies between the two firms were found in the application of data science and technology driven research in investing — Lionstone in US private real estate markets and Columbia Threadneedle Investments in public markets. These common fiduciary-centric and data-driven cultures are exemplified by each’s strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance strategy and objectives.
As at 31 Dec 2020, Lionstone manages $USD9bn in AUM on behalf of its clients, and provides strong investment performance through a differentiated strategy and experienced execution.

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